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Sean McCarthy



About Sean McCarthy

Over the course of more than 30 years in the professional world, Sean McCarthy has been driven by his desire to serve others. Now, through his business coaching practice with FocalPoint, Sean empowers business owners, executives, and other top-level professionals to achieve all they can be.

Through his practice, Sean McCarthy Business Coaching (d.b.a. Sean P. McCarthy Business Coaching, Inc.), Sean pairs his passion for helping his clients attain their ultimate version of success with the undeniable brilliance of Brian Tracy’s technology and techniques. Sean’s goal is to help each client uncover a balanced, fulfilled, and happy life.

While in senior leadership positions with various enterprises, Sean was known for continually elevating coworkers, processes, product, content, and customers to ever increasing levels of revenue benchmarks and achievement.   Sean’s breadth of professional experience ranges from executive leadership positions in Fortune 1000 companies—focusing on successful continuous improvement initiatives over vast and complex enterprises—to originating, developing, building, and selling small businesses in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Solid waste/recycling
  • Distributed energy generation
  • Print/social media
  • Commercial mortgage bridge finance
  • JIT transportation solutions
  • Product development and branding
  • Light industrial manufacturing

Prior to that, Sean was commissioned as an Army officer. His keen leadership and administrative abilities were drawn upon early, as he was selected over higher-ranking officers to command a unit of 350 personnel with occupational specialties ranging from logistics and personnel administration to combat aviation and heavy equipment maintenance. Sean continually draws upon the leadership experience and mentoring skills he learned while serving his country.

On July 4th, 1997, Sean celebrated both the nation’s and his own Independence Day, as he formed his own enterprise in the mortgage industry. He still owns and operates this firm today overseeing operations involving real estate and development, private capital formation, and commercial lending.

Sean is a graduate from Southern Illinois University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He has served on ten community boards in Pueblo, CO, two of which he founded and are successfully contributing to the community to this day. While he remains very active in the Pueblo business community, Sean now travels the U.S. to work with clients and deliver his One-to-Many events to small businesses in every corner of the country.


"My biggest takeaway from "11 Ways to Be More Productive" was how important it is to write goals, revisit those goals daily, and put a plan into place that I can execute in order to reach those goals"

- Amy G.