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FocalPoint Business Coaching, powered by Brian Tracy, recruits only those managers, entrepreneurs, and executives who are the most passionate about coaching, teaching, and mentoring others, to become part of its elite Business Coaching network. The FocalPoint program is a proactive system for business improvement, designed to help high-performing individuals and their teams expand their skills, grow their businesses, and increase efficiency. FocalPoint’s history of success is based on the quality of the Coaches we recruit and the emphasis placed on the brand’s core values – Integrity, Leadership, Knowledge, Distinction, and Results.

Each FocalPoint Business Coach undergoes significant tra¬ining, based on Brian Tracy’s established principles and proven methodologies. Our elite Business Coaches guide their clients to be future-focused and achieve their goals faster.

FocalPoint - 30+ Years of Global Success

Brian Tracy, a business growth specialist, is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the coaching, training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian's goal is to help business owners, leaders and professionals achieve personal, professional and business goals faster and easier. This is achieved by using decades proven systems and strategies to improve businesses. FocalPoint was a natural extension of Brian’s pragmatic approach to business success.

Brian Tracy and FocalPoint Business Coaching

FocalPoint Business Coaching is powered by founder Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy and partner Campbell Fraser have adapted the "very best of" Brian’s entrepreneurial and professional development learnings and strategy into the FocalPoint coaching and training process. This allows business owners, leaders and their teams to effectively leverage Brian's business building tools, systems and methodology for maximum benefit through FocalPoint’s over 200 business coaches and trainers.


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